Taking Time

Taking in all that life has to offer.   Sometimes that is reading or just sitting quietly.  Other times it can we walking outside appreciating the fresh air, sunshine, newly fallen snow, green grass and listening to the birds.   Time with friends being a listening ear or talking thru life’s frustrations.

This weekend I have the opportunity to be part of Passion 2015.  It is a conference for young adults 18-25.  Although I don’t fit that category,  I am thrilled to be part of the staff that makes this event possible.  I am not sure of my assignment just yet but it doesn’t even matter. To be there to hear the inspirational messages and share in the worship songs with hundreds of people I have never met.  I have not experienced this with such a large crowd but so looking forward to a God filled weekend.  Yet another way to see so many lives touched by God’s grace and goodness!


Start Anew

Reaching out as I begin a new season in life.  I just published my new book  – Grace by Which I Stand.  I felt I needed to share the stories as life unfolded after a horrific car accident nearly 9 years ago.  It is undeniable as I look back to see how things, even the little things, were orchestrated from above.

In short, I was crushed in a car accident and trapped for 90 minutes.  The rescue was like none other for the firefighters and paramedics but they did in fact get me out with both legs intact.  Once life-flighted to the Houston Med Center, the reconstruction began.

However, the bigger reconstruction was not my legs,  it was in my heart.  I love talking to people anywhere, any time about learning to see blessing in the little things in life.  In the book I share of moments in my own life and that of others where I think the messages come out loud and clear.  I am passionate about being more intentional every day.  Taking time to be still and listen for His guidance. Taking the time to appreciate all you have been given. Take time with friends and family …and be all there.  Tell people when they said or did something that touched you. Thank them.  It’s one of those little things that we each can do as a wonderful gesture.  It is is not only a pleasant surprise of others but wait to see the joy it brings you!